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Magical transformation for ALDI’s consignment stock


One of the big challenges in many logistics projects is to replace a classic “DESADV” (dispatch order) with an “ORDERS”, which will then generate dispatch orders for the consignment stock (e.g., for ALDI Nord). However, many ERP systems have problems transmitting customer data to suppliers because the ERP integration in the ERP systems generally has a customer focus.

Softzoll’s solution simply transforms the DESADV (dispatch order) created for the customer into a technically flawless ORDERS for the supplier, which then generates a correct delivery message for the freight forwarder. This Softzoll-specific technology is made possible solely on a database consolidation level. If you take a closer look at the current market situation of EDI service providers, you will quickly realize that only Softzoll is able to meet these demands adequately and appropriately.


  • Softzoll, EDI, EDIFACT, Konsignationslager, DESADV, ORDERS, Datenbank, ERP, Aldi Nord

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