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EDIFACT software interfaces to EDI service providers

In order to simplify data acquisition and data processing, trade and industry today require electronic data transmission with customers and suppliers. SOG has developed a standard interface for a large number of business processes. Optimized via EDI service providers such as Softzoll, it ensures electronic document data exchange with your customers and suppliers. Combining SOG and Softzoll has paved the way to optimized contact with trade and industrial groups. This specialization and the permanent further development of the SOG standard EDI software interfaces cover all data exchange requirements.

Message types supported by SOG ERP

  • SOG INVOIC:   Invoices
  • SOG ORDERS:Orders
  • SOG ORDRSP: Order confirmations
  • SOG SLSRPT:  Sales reports
  • SOG DELFOR: Shipping confirmations
  • SOG DESADV: Delivery notes
  • SOG INVRPT:Inventory reports
Electronic data exchange process with Softzoll and the SOG ERP

To use EDI, the master data maintenance in the ERP software for customers and suppliers is switched from SOG to EDI, and adjusted to the required message types mentioned above (e.g., importing orders from customers, exporting invoices). Softzoll then generates test data sets that are optimized for retail and that are transmitted to customers or suppliers via a corresponding interface. On the other hand, test data are also generated, which SOG imports into the ERP software. After acceptance by the customer, live operations commence. These processes are carried out by SOG together with the EDI partners.After successful coordination and acceptance, data exchange is automated.

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