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Many variants for implementing EDI

With the xCon Suite, Eldicon offers its users the option of creating format-specific mappings that can process freely definable source and target formats. The Eldicon data turntable has a graphic surface and is used, among other things, to integrate databases and external subsystems.In EDI practice, the Eldicon ERP system is usually connected via different versions of ASCII/TXT interfaces.

The Eldicon ASCII interfaces work with a delimiter as a field separator between the individual data elements. The “|” as a separator can be found in many Eldicon interfaces and is also used in a wide variety of versions offered by other well-known ERP manufacturers. All Softzoll EDI solutions are equipped with several specific ASCII/TXT converters so that manufacturer-specific requirements for an ERP-compliant interface can be implemented quickly and easily.

The structure of the ASCII interfaces is based on the corresponding business processes. Different EDI input formats (e.g., VDA 4905 and EDIFACT DELFOR) can be mapped in a standardized ERP import format.The conversion into partner-specific EDI formats is then carried out using the EDI partner profiles (e.g., VDA 4913 and EDIFACT DESADV) stored in the Softzoll EDI component.They are transmitted via the respective communication path selected (OFTP2, AS2 etc.).

Lieferabruf Eldicon Ausschnitt

Exemplary structure of an Eldicon ASCII interface for importing delivery schedules

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