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Seamless integration of all EDI interface versions via Softzoll

Softzoll can integrate all SelectLine EDI interface versions thanks to its extremely flexible interface technology. As SelectLine cooperates with a highly diversified partner ecosystem, Softzoll is able to support the various EDI integration interfaces of its partners — who have created or would like to create partner-specific EDI interfaces from SelectLine — with corresponding ERP modules (ASCII/TXT, XML, etc.).

The most important EDI interfaces of the e.bootis ERP system for EDI data exchange are:

  • snd ORDERS: for transferring order data to the SelectLine EDI interface
  • rcv ORDRSP: for taking over order confirmations from the SelectLine EDI interface
  • rcv DESADV: for taking over delivery notices from the SelectLine EDI interface
  • rcv INVOIC: for taking over invoice data from the SelectLine EDI interface
  • rcv IFTMIN: for taking over shipping orders from the SelectLine EDI interface
Minimal adaptation effort when connecting new partners

In addition, Softzoll is able to provide consolidated EDI process interfaces for each business process, allowing SelectLine partners to easily integrate new processes as well. The innovative centralized overall process documentation eliminates the need for partners to laboriously integrate EDI partners one at a time, thus resulting in a hodgepodge of partner-specific individual interfaces. Instead, the cross-partner EDI process documentations allow holistic integration of dedicated cross-partner EDI business processes, substantially reducing the partner-specific approach previously so frequently used. Thanks to the creation of a process data pool, SelectLine partners and users are able to immediately work with maximal semantic specification of the EDI interface, which is designed to minimize the adaptation effort when connecting new EDI partners. Softzoll makes this EDI process documentation and the interfaces based on it available to all SelectLine partners and users free of charge, helping to support the SME sector in implementing EDI requirements. In today’s world, these companies have to meet the same EDI requirements as large corporations with a considerably higher IT budget.

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