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Scalable standard software for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies

PLANAT GmbH has been developing and implementing the scalable ERP/PPS standard software FEPA for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies since 1981. FEPA comprises the classic elements of modern ERP/PPS software: The business processes sales, purchasing, logistics, production, and business administration are supported as standard. Depending on customer- or industry-specific requirements (such as production type, corporate strategy, logistics, or other company-specific focal points), cross-departmental functional add-ons can also be added by third-party providers. The combination of PLANAT-ERP and the solutions from Softzoll gives FEPA users the possibility to map demand-driven additional functionalities for electronic data exchange according to individual EDI requirements. By integrating Softzoll, the standard interfaces for electronic document traffic provided by FEPA can also be made usable for complex EDI requirements without any extensive programming in order to facilitate rapid use in live systems. The majority of FEPA users have interfaces tailored to the requirements of the now obsolete VDA EDI data traffic. As the EDIFACT standard has increasingly found its way into the automotive supplier industry in recent years, FEPA users are faced with the dilemma of having to implement modern EDIFACT-based business processes without running the risk of the associated project costs exceeding the allocated budget. Softzoll’s ERP template technology enables FEPA users to continue using their existing VDA interfaces; Softzoll can also set up updated EIDFACT or ANSI X.12-based data traffic based on conventional VDA interface technology. Accordingly, FEPA users do not have to worry about incurring costs for extending internal PLANAT interfaces for the time being and can also assure their customers of state-of-the-art format requirements (DELFOR, DESADV, INVOIC, etc.).

The most important EDI interfaces of FEPA-ERP are:

  • snd VDA 4905:   for transferring the delivery schedules in Bemis/LN format
  • snd VDA 4915: for transferring the just-in-time delivery schedules in FEPA VDA format
  • rcv VDA 4913: for taking over the delivery notifications from the FEPA VDA format
  • dcv VDA 4906:  for taking over the invoice data from the FEPA VDA format

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