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Professional EDI solutions for small and medium-size industry and commercial enterprises

i-Soft develops and implements business management software for small and medium-size industrial and commercial enterprises. i-Soft offers cross-industry solutions and consulting in the financial and HR sectors and completes its range with diverse extensions for the most varied areas of responsibility.

Since 2011 already, i-Soft has offered its customers Softzoll’s EDI solutions for professional use. Among the combined projects are both in-house implementations and data-processing center-supported EDI ones. At the same time, i-Soft covers customer-end EDI connections, but also offers robust functionality for supplier integration.

The most important EDI interfaces of the i-Soft solution range are:

(at the customer end)

  • snd DELFOR:  for transferring the delivery schedules in i-Soft interface format
  • snd ORDERS:  for transferring the order data in i-Soft interface format
  • rcv ORDRSP:  for taking over the order confirmations from the i-Soft interface format
  • rcv DESADV: for taking over the delivery notifications from the i-Soft interface format
  • rcv INVOIC:for taking over the invoice data from the i-Soft interface format
  • snd INVOIC:  for transferring credit notes in i-Soft interface format
  • snd REMADV:  for transferring payment advices in i-Soft interface format
  • snd INVRPT:  for transferring inventory reports in i-Soft interface format

(at the supplier end)

  • rcv ORDERS:   for transferring the order data from the i-Soft interface format
Appropriate archiving of all processes and data streams

Additionally, Softzoll offers to prepare all processes and data streams available in compliance with the requirements of i-Soft archive systems (normally d3) and to provide them for appropriate archiving. A corresponding module is available on demand and is able to provide the data prepared for the archive system for on-site archiving, even in data processing center-based EDI solutions.

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