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Flexible cloud ERP to control your business processes

weclapp belongs to an increasing number of cloud-based ERP systems.In contrast to the widespread monolithic ERP systems, which require the purchase of a number of licenses, cloud-based ERP systems offer the possibility to map required ERP functionalities via an already existing application infrastructure at low cost.

The weclapp EDI interfaces are not integrated via a classic asynchronous file-based interface technology.Instead, weclapp offers an API (Application Programming Interface) for the integration of external EDI subsystems, which allows the connection of third-party programs to the weclapp ERP software on the source code level. Data exchange via API takes place in real time rather than time-delayed in an asynchronous mode (directory-based file exchange).

ERP and EDI subsystem:
direct connection, data exchange in real time

The weclapp API defines exactly how data is received and sent by a particular part of the application. weclapp uses a REST (Representational State Transfer) API, in particular, which is considered especially suitable for data exchange on distributed systems. The transmission path of the various data transfers via the servers involved is http/https.

The advantage of integration via API is the direct coupling between the ERP and the EDI subsystem: data records are transferred or adopted via a kind of handshake protocol. This type of data transfer enables correspondingly fast notification and troubleshooting by the components deployed, especially in the event of an error.

The most important EDI interfaces of the weclapp ERP systems are:

  • snd ORDERS: for transferring the order data via weclapp API
  • rcv DESADV:  for transferring the delivery notices via weclapp API
  • rcv INVOIC: for transferring the invoice data via weclapp API

Seamless EDI connection with Softzoll via API interfaces

Softzoll fully supports all weclapp API interfaces required for electronic data exchange. Any number of EDI partners can easily be integrated via the business process-based interfaces of the weclapp ERP system.

Any number of EDI partners can easily be integrated by means of partner-specific EDI profiles via the business process-based interfaces of the weclapp ERP system.

Softzoll, a partner for the weclapp ERP system


feat. Fosbury sees itself as a modern consulting company for digital solutions. The focus of its work is on process consulting for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as consulting on the selection and establishment of digital business processes and systems.
feat. Fosbury is a certified and leading German weclapp partner and supports its customers comprehensively in the selection of modules, add-ons, user licenses, etc. in all aspects of cloud-based ERP.

The holistic design of intelligent weclapp system landscapes allows feat. Fosbury to help its customers to successively digitalize and optimize sub-areas such as CRM and merchandise management as well as the cross-company electronic data exchange with specialized partners such as Softzoll.

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