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With its sales divisions Rewe, Penny, Billa, and Bipa, the Rewe Group is one of the leading corporate groups in European food retailing. In addition, the Cologne-based Group has footholds in the tourism sector (including DER Touristik) and in DIY retail (Toom/B1).In 2019, Rewe Group sales amounted to 62.7 billion euros. The largest share of this turnover can be attributed to its German home market.

In the German food retail sector, Rewe ranks second behind Edeka and ahead of the Schwarz Group (Lidl, Kaufland). With its subsidiary Rewe International AG, the Group is the market leader in Austria through its sales divisions (Billa, Bipa, ADEG). The stores in Eastern Europe are operated through the Austrian subsidiary (Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Russia). Rewe International AG contributes approximately 27 percent to the Group’s sales. (Source: statista)


REWE Group Supplier Portal

Rewe—EDI pioneer among the large retail chains

With its EDI activities, the Rewe Group is certainly one of the pioneers of electronic data interchange. Ahead of other retail companies, Rewe has started to digitize electronic invoice receipt using SEDAS ASCII formats. SEDAS data exchanges were used in the 1990s and are little known today. The use of EDIFACT EANCOM standards was still in its infancy at that time. It was not until the following years that EDIFACT began to dominate the exchange of data between retailers and the supplier industry. With the advent of the SINFOS data pool, EDIFACT became the global standard for international data exchange between companies in the mid-1990s.

Rewe provides its business partners with the Rewe Group Supplier Portal for electronic data exchange and other applications, thereby offering a platform for optimized communication and cooperation between the Rewe Group and its suppliers. The portal serves as a data hub and a central intermediary between retailers and the consumer goods industry.

To date, the three most important retail processes dominate Rewe’s EDI landscape.

Rewe mainly uses the following EDIFACT message types:

  • rcv ORDERS:  Orders from Rewe
  • snd DESADV: Delivery notices to Rewe
  • snd INVOIC: Invoices to Rewe

Rewe also allows the sending of credit notes in the EDIFACT format INVOIC. These credit notes can mainly be sent via the INVOIC or invoice interface because for credit notes all that is required is for “Qualifier 381 – Credit note” to be set and transmitted instead of “Qualifier 380 – Commercial invoice”.

In addition, Rewe Group companies exchange the following EDI message types with suppliers:

  • snd PRICAT: Item master data to Rewe
  • rcv REMADV: Payment advice from Rewe

It should be noted that there is a special feature in the EDI data exchange with Rewe Dortmund, as the transmission of ORDERS order data differs from the EDI standard of the rest of Rewe Group and requires an independent EDI implementation.

Rewe International AG—exceptions at the Austrian Group subsidiary

Rewe International also uses its own interpretation of the business processes in Austria. Consequently, EDI processing has to be implemented differently from Rewe Group in Germany:

Rewe EDIFACT message types in Austria:

  • Rewe AT rcv ORDERS:  Orders from Rewe Austria
  • Rewe AT snd DESADV:Delivery notes to Rewe Austria
  • Rewe AT snd INVOIC: Invoices to Rewe Austria

The EDI data exchange with Billa Austria can take place with EDIFACT formats identical to Rewe AT, as the differences are usually limited to a different GLN.

In general, a number of Rewe distribution lines such as Toom or Snackmaster can be mapped via the Rewe EDI channel. But this does not apply globally. Transgourmet, for example, has its own EDI requirements, even though the homogenization of EDI requirements within the Rewe Group is progressing. Transgourmet is currently changing the EDI communication channel from AS2 to X.400. This is a rather rare occurrence which, apart from the use of state-of-the-art EDI technology, is probably mainly due to the standardization of the EDI landscape within the Rewe Group.

EDI with Rewe via Deutsche Telekom’s X.400 network

Rewe Group, like Edeka, continues to mandate the X.400 network as the EDI transmission path for all electronic document exchanges. This somewhat outdated VAN (Value Added Network) has recently undergone a technical update. Until recently, the only way to access Telekom’s German X.400 network was to use the proprietary “FileWork” client. Many suppliers still use “FileWork”, but it now causes massive technical problems and prevents up-to-date monitoring. With the new SFTP-based X.400 Message Gateway, a new technology now exists for sending EDI messages via Deutsche Telekom’s X.400 network. This not only promises technological advantages in active EDI data exchange (error susceptibility, end-to-end monitoring) but also enables the user to make noticeable financial savings, especially with higher data volumes.


Softzoll supports you in EDI integration with Rewe Group and Rewe International AG (Austria).

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