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Sometimes the solution is easier than you might think. Softzoll doesn’t miss the forest—no matter how many trees there are. COMPLEX REQUIREMENTS?| TELL US WHAT THEY ARE. "Softzoll provides us with the appropriate modules for implementing even exotic business processes that cannot be mapped by conventional ERP interfaces—without any complex connections." Uwe Schone, IT management, Friedrich Graepel AG "We need a flexible EDI solution that quickly and easily provides our global trading partners and their sales platforms with all the required custom formats and processes. Softzoll has ensured the smooth migration to our current ERP system." Uta Buescher, ERP administration, GEDORE GmbH LEARN MORE LEARN MORE

EDI in different industries

Industry-specific standards for standardizing business processes

Industry-specific standards for standardizing business processes

EDI is used in many different industries to improve cooperation between individual market participants. Industry-specific associations and working groups have developed standards for business documents and their transmission.Inefficiencies caused by manual interventions and media disruptions are thus eliminated and supply chain costs reduced. In this way, an attempt is made to better meet the requirements of the respective industry.

The automotive industry has always been one of the pioneers when it comes to terms like just-in-time or lean manufacturing. Consequently, it was also one of the first industries to use EDI to exchange business data in its globalized supply networks.MORE

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