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Standardized ERP templates for GUS users at fixed prices

Since 2011, Softzoll has supplied GUS users with in-house converter systems and ASP solutions, although recently the focus of their joint customers has started to shift to data processing center solutions. In the current projects, it is mainly users of the GUS OS solution who are provided with EDI implementations. The majority of the users come from the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Successful joint projects have also already been carried out in Switzerland. In very few cases, the previous version of GUS Charisma must still be integrated.

Unlike GUS Charisma, which uses integration via native DB2 database interfaces, GUS OS relies on modern XML interface alternatives. The XML connection has the decisive advantage that a virtual blueprint of the entire business process-oriented interface with maximum specificity is provided by using suitable XML rule schemas (*.xsd). All Softzoll solutions have an interface that allows *.xsd files to be directly imported and to be converted automatically into a model used to create the required ERP templates. This feature ensures a comprehensive and rapid integration of the individual GUS process interfaces.

The most important process interfaces of the GUS OS ERP are:

  • snd INVRPT:   for transferring the inventory reports in GUS OS XML format
  • snd SLSRPT:  for transferring the sales reports in GUS OS XML format
  • rcv PRICAT: for taking over the item master data from the GUS OS XML format
  • snd ORDERS:  for transferring the order data in GUS OS XML format
  • rcv ORDRSP: for taking over the order confirmations from the GUS OS XML format
  • rcv DESADV:for taking over the delivery data from the GUS OS XML format
  • snd RECADV: for transferring the incoming goods reports in GUS OS XML format
  • rcv INVOIC:    for taking over the invoice data from the GUS OS XML format
  • snd REMADV: for transferring the payment advices in GUS OS XML format
  • rcv IFTMIN:for taking over the shipping orders from the GUS OS XML format
Standardized ERP templates at fixed prices

For all business processes, standardized ERP templates that can be used ad hoc to integrate the desired business processes are available at a fixed price. Through close, fruitful collaboration with the GUS Group and the many customer projects that have already been successfully completed, Softzoll GUS OS interfaces that to date have not been implemented can be provided at a uniform fixed price.

Current GUS customer projects
IT-Zoom, World of Technology—12/14/2018

With its integrated ERP solution, the coffee specialist now wants to map its business processes in a completely digital way. Besides the creation of documents such as order confirmation, delivery note, and EDI formats, all of Kaffee Braun’s and its subsidiary Karacho GmbH’s master data will be transferred to the new ERP system in the course of the project. MORE

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