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ERP systems and software solutions for small and medium-sized companies

The oxaion system fulfills above all the requirements of the different main branches of industrial goods production and the manufacturing industry. The complete business software also maps accompanying processes such as service and project planning activities.

In October 2019, oxaion GmbH was awarded the coveted prize for “ERP System of the Year” (in the “Series Production” category) by a panel of experts for the third time in a row at the Frankfurt ERP Congress. Its industry solutions for the automotive industry were especially convincing.

Integration of EDI business processes via ASCII or XML interface technology

With a special ETL (Extract Transform Load) tool, oxaion offers its users the possibility to generate the most diverse interfaces. Both databases and file-based structures such as ASCII/CSV or XML variants can be the possible source and target of the data. A graphical editor with intuitive user guidance makes it easy to model the individual interfaces. ETL is suitable, among other things, for processing transaction data, for example, to import order data for further processing or to make oxaion-internal ERP data available to other applications. These processes can be either automated or controlled by scheduling via ETL jobs.

Softzoll, with users of the oxaion ERP system, has successfully implemented EDI projects based on ASCII/TXT interfaces with fixed record types and field lengths as well as via XML interfaces. In current implementations, however, EDI integration scenarios are mostly carried out on the basis of the oxaion XML interfaces, which comes with advantages for the involved business partners that should not be underestimated.The interfaces defined in advance by oxaion for connecting external EDI subsystems contain an extensive compilation of relevant process data, which—similar to EDI processes—are structured based on business processes and can be individually adapted, if required.

The most important business processes in oxaion XML format are:

  • Delivery schedule
  • Just-in-time delivery schedule
  • Order
  • Order confirmation
  • Order change
  • Delivery notice
  • Invoice
Integration of EDI business processes via ASCII or XML interface technology

To further facilitate the implementation of the respective EDI processes, XSD schemas (*.xsd files) corresponding to the respective business processes are provided by oxaion. These XSD schemas provide essential information for the integration of the EDI subsystem about the design and structure of the XML interface to be integrated. In addition, they also define the semantic characteristics of the respective business process down to the field length definition of the individual data elements.

Exemplary design of oxaion interface descriptions and business processes

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Exemplary design of the Oxaion ASCII interface “ORDERS/ORDCHG”


oxaion XSD definition for the import of delivery schedules in XML format


Exemplary message for a delivery schedule in oxaion XML format

Simple import of business processes into the Softzoll tools using provided XSD schemas

With the help of Softzoll EDI technology, the XSD schemas of the individual business processes can be imported directly into Softzoll’s EDI software. There, the semantic and structural oxaion definitions stored in the XSD file can be edited, modified, or expanded if necessary.Subsequently, they are stored as rule sets for the integration of the oxaion interfaces and integrated as a component into the Softzoll EDI workflow. On the basis of these stored rules, it can then be checked at runtime whether, for example, the framework parameters of an incoming delivery schedule specified by oxaion via XSD schemas are adhered to during transfer to the oxaion ERP as an XML file. If the delivery schedule of a sender does not comply with these frame parameters, a corresponding error message ensures that only parameter-compliant data is provided in the inbound processing of oxaion ERP. This eliminates the need to import incorrect data and the associated additional work involved in manual post-processing and corrections.

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