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Electronic data exchange with Lidl

With gross sales of just under 25 billion euros annually in Germany alone (2018, source: Statista) and over 3,000 stores, Lidl is the market leader in the discount grocery store segment alongside the Aldi Group.On a European level, Lidl is now even ahead of its competitor with more than 10,200 stores, grouped together in subsidiaries under the umbrella of Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG in Neckarsulm, Germany.

With such a large number of branches and the huge range of goods on offer, orders easily run into five figures every day. In order to handle these data volumes efficiently, Lidl switched its (INVOIC) invoice exchange to EDI back in 2007. The transmission of orders and delivery notices by fax or in paper form turned out to be too error-prone and cost-intensive in the long run and meant too much time expenditure for the employees. As a result, the process integration was further advanced and orders (ORDERS) and delivery notices (DESADV) were launched and rolled out.

Lidl now offers its suppliers convenient access to manuals, documentation and videos through its Lidl Service Portal, as well as the option to register as a supplier and sign up for Lidl’s EDI services (Lidl Self EDI Portal).

Lidl primarily uses the EDIFACT message types:

  • rcv ORDERS:  Orders from Lidl
  • snd DESADV: Delivery notices to Lidl
  • snd INVOIC: Invoices to Lidl

The following are some of the Lidl national subsidiaries are available for EDI data exchange:

  • Lidl Germany
  • Lidl Austria
  • Lidl Switzerland
  • Lidl Czech Republic
  • Lidl Netherlands
  • Lidl Portugal
  • Lidl France
  • Lidl Luxembourg
  • Lidl Bulgaria
  • Lidl Ireland
  • Lidl Northern Ireland
  • Lidl Spain
  • Lidl UK
  • Lidl Denmark
  • Lidl Serbia
  • Lidl Belgium
  • Lidl Slovakia
  • Lidl Sweden
  • Lidl Hungary
  • Lidl Lithuania
  • Lidl Cyprus
  • Lidl Greece
  • Lidl Finland

… and others.

Immediate availability of your business processes for Europe-wide data exchange with Lidl

Softzoll has implemented the EDI connection of Lidl’s national subsidiaries for numerous customers. All EDI partner profiles of Lidl’s national subsidiaries can be accessed at any time and can thus be made available to Lidl’s suppliers extremely quickly and at particularly favorable conditions.


Softzoll supports you in the Lidl EDI integration process, from testing and validation of message types to the real exchange between Lidl and you as a business partner.

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