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Specific XML interfaces for each business process

The e.bootis ERP system provides its users with specific XML interfaces for each business process for the implementation of EDI messages.These XML interfaces are W3C-compliant and consolidate the content to be exchanged between ERP and EDI systems as XML files that transport the required content for each business process.

The most important EDI interfaces of the e.bootis ERP system for EDI data exchange are:

  • snd DELFOR: for transferring the delivery schedules in e.bootis format
  • snd ORDERS: for taking over the order confirmations from the e.bootis XML-Format
  • rcv ORDRSP: for transferring the orders in e.bootis XML format.
  • snd ORDCHG: for transferring the order changes in e.bootis XML format
  • rcv DESADV: for taking over the delivery notices from the e.bootis XML format
  • rcv INVOIC: for transferring the invoices from the e.bootis XML format.
Softzoll makes it super simple to set up the e.bootis EDI interfaces

It has proved to be very advantageous in EDI practice that e.bootis not only provides valid test data for the EDI implementation of each available XML interface but also corresponding XML schemas. Softzoll’s EDI technology allows these XML schemas to be imported as *.XSD files and used as a basis for creating an ERP template for process integration. Virtually at the push of a button, this provides a blueprint for setting up the e.bootis EDI interfaces. This blueprint contains the maximum scope of field contents of the individual EDI business processes and at the same time provides important semantic framework conditions (such as date formats or field length definitions).

Overview of e.bootis XML interfaces

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Softzoll also provides important process rules that are essential for implementing the specifics of the e.bootis interface. This includes special date calculations, which support the processing logic within e.bootis or, for example, enable the genesis of item-specific delivery quantities, which many customers require from the supplier when sending electronic delivery bills. With the help of this rule level, Softzoll enables the synchronization of the internal logic of the e.bootis XML interfaces with the current requirements of a modern EDI landscape on the syntactic and semantic levels.

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