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Electronic data exchange with Amazon

Better ranking on Amazon by using EDI

With an annual turnover of US$280.5 billion in 2019 (Germany: US$22 billion) and thus a 20% increase in sales compared to the previous year, Amazon continues to be one of the world’s top-selling companies, and even the current situation seems to have little effect on Amazon. On the contrary, business is booming. Contact restrictions and social distancing give those companies that also generate revenue by selling their goods on the internet a decisive advantage that could even prove to be essential.

Amazon started defining EDI as a strategic tool and core part of its supplier integration very early on. In contrast to the fee-based VAN networks used by U.S. companies at the time, Amazon initially pushed the use of FTP/sFTP connections. With the advent of AS2, Amazon has imposed this connection type as the standard for all electronic EDI exchanges within the Amazon Group because of its advantages when it comes to transaction security (acknowledgment of documents via MDN at the protocol level).


Amazon Vendor Central

Connecting your system to Amazon Vendor Central

If you, as a seller, want to benefit from the enormous reach of the internet giant, you would do well to support Amazon’s EDI requirements. There are a few things to keep in mind here:

First of all, you need to register via Amazon Vendor Central. EDI connections can be set up and managed via this portal (Amazon will provide the login details)

Amazon distinguishes between two business segments:


(regular supplier business, invoicing when goods are shipped)

  • rcv ORDERS:  Orders from Amazon
  • snd ORDRSP: Order confirmations to Amazon
  • snd DESADV: Delivery notices to Amazon
  • snd INVOIC: Invoices to Amazon


(commission business, Amazon sells on behalf of the customer, invoicing only once the goods are sold, therefore no EDI INVOIC here)

  • rcv ORDERS:  Orders from Amazon
  • snd ORDRSP: Order confirmations to Amazon
  • snd DESADV: Delivery notices to Amazon

Important for EDI-enabled Amazon suppliers: Many of our customers report better ranking in Amazon search results when the suppliers support the four (three) relevant processes! Supporting all EDI business processes required by Amazon is often directly correlated with higher business volumes!

In addition, Amazon offers the following EDI processes:

  • snd PRICAT: Item master data to Amazon
  • rcv SLSRPT: Sales data reports from Amazon
  • rcv INVRPT: Stock level reports from Amazon

An EDI connection of numerous European national subsidiaries (Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Spain, Amazon Poland, Amazon UK, Amazon Italy, etc.), as well as a direct EDI connection to Amazon warehouses are also possible.


If you wish, Softzoll can take care of all the registration formalities and set up the EDI service in Amazon Vendor Central for you, as well as taking care of exchanging test messages and go-live operations.

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