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Secure transmission of your already processed data packets from A to B

Besides classic EDI services, Softzoll also offers pure data routing. This offer may interest users who do not need any data conversion and want to avoid designing their own communication infrastructure. It is therefore aimed especially aimed at companies that do not want to assume the expense of installing and operating the different communication channels themselves. These include, for example, users whose merchandise management system can already produce and process appropriate EDI message formats, and EDI users who have a converter at their disposal, but who would not like to purchase, implement, and maintain modules necessary for data communication.

A single channel is required on a one-off basis for exchanging data with the data processing center. Data are converted for the various communication modules via routing workflows in the Softzoll data processing center.

Users can choose whichever communication path they prefer (e.g., e-mail, FTP/SFTP, AS2, OFTP2, https) and use a transmission tool of their choice to send files from the internal IT environment to the data processing center and receive them back again.

On request, Softzoll will be happy to supply a client, the Softzoll Communicator, for data exchange with the data center. The Softzoll Communicator is free of charge and includes special features that guarantee secure transactions.

On request, all transmission channels can be additionally secured via VPN tunnel.

Softzoll’s routing services can be used either globally for all necessary communication paths, or only for selected connections. When transmitting your data, you no longer need to spend time or money on providing or maintaining your own communication infrastructure for special demands (e.g., developing a dedicated infrastructure in DMZ for peer-to-peer connections with the necessary certificate management; no installation costs or standing charges for an account of your own when exchanging data via VAN etc.).

The extended variant of the Softzoll’s routing services also include long-range monitoring via a web-based transaction monitor. This allows users to view all important transaction details (successful/aborted transactions, transaction log, etc.) online via a simple browser access, and to narrow the search using predefined search criteria. This version also allows you to access the original transaction files and download them directly via the monitor.

Softzoll levies a small charge for installing this service and supplies the relevant routing workflow for a fixed price. With regard to running costs, customers can choose the model that best reflects their needs. Softzoll offers transaction packages for users who only have a small volume of data to exchange, and monthly flat rates for users with higher volumes. What’s important is that other factors such as the file size and the number of items or bytes per transaction are irrelevant in the calculation. This invoicing procedure enables customers to calculate their costs accurately and plan them in advance. Each transaction costs a matter of cents.

Softzoll Routing Services

More security for your data through VPN tunnel transmission

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