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A powerful combination!

Besides the classic ERP functionalities, Godesys’ IT solutions include a series of modules such as CRM, SCM, DMS, and BI that complete the solution portfolio in a sensible way. Godesys has a wealth of small and medium-sized company solutions and at the same time focuses primarily on sectors such as commerce, services, production, and consumer goods. The partnership between Godesys and Softzoll goes back to the year 2012; since then Softzoll, together with Godesys, has offered a powerful combination to implement all of Godesys usership’s requirement scenarios through joint EDI projects.

By default, Softzoll supports all of Godesys’ EDI-relevant interfaces:

  • snd ORDERS: to deliver order data in the Godesys interface format
  • snd DELFOR: to deliver supplier release orders in the Godesys interface format
  • snd DELJIT: to deliver detailed release orders in the Godesys interface format
  • rcv DESADV: to receive delivery notices from the Godesys interface format
  • rcv INVOIC: to receive invoice data from the Godesys interface format
  • rcv IFTMIN: to receive shipping orders from the Godesys interface format
Expert support by Softzoll EDI professionals through a close partnership

Besides the classic business processes, Softzoll also supports all relevant automobile supplier message types in the VDA and EDIFACT area. Through this close partnership, individual interfaces can also be implemented at any time, which represents a significant benefit for Godesys’ many distributors: Softzoll’s EDI professionals support them in all relevant issues on the subject of electronic data interchange.

Softzoll, the partner for Godesys’ ERP solutions

Opal GmbH is a supplier of ERP solutions for small and medium-size companies. Moreover, Opal offers comprehensive services and consulting for the Godesys ERP—from project planning through implementation to maintenance and support concepts.

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