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Flexible and scalable through modular structure

The eEvolution ERP system belongs to a federation of about 20 companies that concern themselves with operating and continuing to develop the basic eEvolution merchandise management system or the modules that accompany it. With its modular structure, not only is core functionality extendible according to need; the concept ensures that third-party systems such as Softzoll EDI solutions can be connected with ease.

The connection of external software systems offers eEvolution a technically sophisticated XML interface on the basis of which the most important business processes can be implemented with customers and suppliers. Depending on need, database-based integration tables or ASCII interfaces can also be used.

Practical e|Evolution ERP system interfaces:

  • rcv PRICAT: to get the product master data from the eEvolution format
  • snd SLSRPT: to deliver the sales report in eEvolution format
  • snd INVRPT: to deliver the stock level reports in eEvolution format
  • snd ORDERS: to deliver order data in eEvolution format
  • rcv ORDRSP: to receive order confirmations from the eEvolution format
  • rcv DESADV: to receive supplier data from the eEvolution format
  • rcv INVOIC: to receive invoice data from the eEvolution format
Synergy effects through uniformly consolidated interfaces

The Softzoll and eEvolution user’s focus of activity runs from clothing, through food to manufacturers of premium consumer goods. The advantage—both for our software partner and for our joint customer—is especially in a uniformly consolidated interface for each business process. On this basis, synergy effects that are not only commercially attractive but that also clearly increase project speed can be achieved both for existing customers’ requirements and for completely new integrations.

Softzoll, a partner for the e|Evolution ERP system

With around 50 employees, Compra GmbH currently serves more than 200 small and medium-size companies and over 450 workshops in the field of business management software solutions. An the basis of the eEvolution software complete solution, Compra makes it possible to map all business processes on Microsoft.NET technology.

Socon.IT GmbH offers operation, customization, and implementation of eEvolution by certified employees. Over 1,000 installations in German-speaking countries and regions, more than ten years of experience and strong partnerships back up the investment in an ERP solution that will meet future requirements too.

SOPRA EDV-Informationssysteme GmbH offers solutions around the eEvolution ERP system for mechanical and systems engineering, metal working, and for commercial enterprises. With a fully integrated solution customized for the food and luxury food sectors, SOPRA also covers all requirements in these industries.

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