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Automatic testing and assessment of your inbound confirmation messages
Auto Response Checker

In most ERP systems there are no appropriate interfaces for receiving and processing inbound confirmation messages, and no mechanisms to analyze these confirmations and to react appropriately when there are divergences. Many affected EDI users have therefore decided to suspend these messages without analysis or archive them without a test. A procedure like this can, however, lead to direct disadvantages up to penalty claims by the EDI partner in the event of an unnoticed data loss.

The Softzoll Auto Response Checker offers a intelligent solution to this issue:

To summarize the functionality of the Auto Response Checker briefly:

  • The outbound data generated from the ERP systems are imported into the central consolidation table, from which the outbound messages are filled with the partner-specific contents and forwarded immediately.
  • Parallel to this, message-specific content of the outbound messages (e.g., message ID, document ID) is written in a dedicated monitor table.
  • When a confirmation message comes in (e.g. CONTRL, APERAK, ORDRSP), it is first converted and the message-specific content is compared with the entries on file in the monitor table.
  • When there is a data match, the appropriate entry is deleted from the monitor table, and the inbound original message is suspended or archived.
  • If there is no match to an outbound message after a defined period of time, an error e-mail with the message-specific information of the outbound message is automatically generated and forwarded to one or more addressees.


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