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AS2 wird immer beliebter

AS2 is growing increasingly popular Now that a large number of trade companies have switched from the X.400 protocol to AS2 for understandable reasons (costs, FileWork problems, etc.), many of our customers are also beginning to favor the AS2 protocol. …

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ALDI Konsi-Lägerchen wechsle dich!

HOW “DESADV” IS TRANSFORMED INTO “ORDERS” One of the big challenges in many logistics projects is to replace a classic DESADV delivery order with an ORDERS, which will then generate delivery orders for the consignment stock (e.g., for ALDI Nord).However,…

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Vorsicht bei VDA 4987!

CAUTION WITH VDA 4987! Users tend to underestimate the new 4987 VDA standard. Formatting (EDIFACT) is not the real challenge here, and nor are the better known semantic requirements. The actual problem is the map of picking structures.  The guidelines…

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Änderungen bei AS2 Verbindungen

CHANGES IN FRAMEWORK CONDITIONS FOR AS2 CONNECTIONS Changes in the framework conditions for AS2 connections occur on a regular basis and are normally initiated by the interchange partner. Because this is direct peer-to-peer communication, such connections are heavily encrypted using…

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Die Anbindung von Kika/Leiner AT

USING EDI INTELLIGENTLY WITH SOFTZOLL: CONNECTING KIKA/LEINER (AT) BY PROPRIETARY HTTPS CLIENT Issue Connecting the Kika/Leiner EDI partner is in some particular application cases only possible through a proprietary application that is provided free of charge to Kika/Leiner suppliers. The…

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